Company Overview
  1. Operations started in August 2011 with the baling of dirty plastics.

  2. After collection, these plastics are processed in our industrial balers.

  3. The products we mainly manage are Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Aluminum.

  4. Once processed, they are loaded into a containers and shipped to the US ,China, or Mexico.

  • To contribute towards our country’s socio-economic development while environmentally benefiting society as a whole and improving the quality of lives of the workforce employed by this effort, and that of their families.

  • We aim to enhance our value to customers and society by minimizing the environmental impact of the plastic production in Haiti and providing sustainable solutions to treat and export these plastics through our international supply chain.

  • Our goal is to become a national enterprise so that our collection efforts may cover all of Haiti’s territory, retrieving as many plastic bottles as our capacity will allow.

  • To this end, our shareholders have decided to make additional investments to improve the company’s infrastructure to double our processing capacity. This will add more value to our end product.

We do our part in the creation of a « greener, cleaner Haiti » and we create sustainable jobs while doing it.